Attic Fans & Ceiling Fans

Attic Fan Benefits

  • Increased Comfort
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Increased Cooling System Efficiency
  • Extended Cooling System Longevity
  • Roof Structure Preservation
  • Moisture Damage Prevention

Attic Fan Benefits in Summer

During the summer your attic temperatures can soar to over 150-degrees. This makes your home very hot inside and increases the level of energy you will need with cooling and air-conditioning equipment.

Attic Fan Benefits in Winter

In winter, moist air rises and condenses and cools in your attic. This condensation will create drips that will fall on your into insulation. It can also seep into the wood on the underside of your roof. This air will make your home cooler. This will make your heating system work harder to keep your home warmer.

Ceiling Fans

  • Ceiling fan installation and repair
  • Variable speed ceiling fan switches and remote controls
  • Variety of ceiling fans with decorative lighting
  • Reversible ceiling fan models for winter and summer
  • Ceiling hugger models for low clearance rooms
  • Outdoor ceiling fans for patios, decks and screen rooms

Save on Heating & Cooling

Reversible ceiling fans circulate air and save both heating and cooling costs.

Ceiling fans can reduce summer air conditioning energy costs by up to 40%.

For high vaulted ceilings, a fan can reduce heating costs 10%.

Energy Star rated ceiling fans are 50% more efficient than conventional fan/light units and can save more than $15 a month.

We can recommend and install a ceiling fan for any ceiling, from high vaulted to ceiling hugger fans for lower ceilings.

We’ll recommend the best ceiling fan model, size, height, lighting and mounting system for your home. All you do is enjoy the breeze!