Overall Rating A

Hi Harry, this past November you and your team installed a whole house Genrac generator at my home in Cherry Hill. This evening, Friday 5 June, my neighborhood experienced a blackout, all be it a short one. The automatic transfer from PSE&G to the generator operated as expected and the lights, air conditioner and other electrical appliances didn’t miss a beat. When PSE&G power was restored the switch over to PSE&G was as expected.

Linda and I are very pleased with the generator and our experience with Gibson Electric.

Jerry & Linda G
Cherry Hill

Overall rating A

Hi, Steve. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your efforts towards getting our power hooked up. I wish all our contractors cared as much as you and your team. Your field guys are excellent people too and obviously willing to do what is necessary to get the job done.

No fault of yours, we still don’t have power. The TV station stopped us because the landlords didn’t keep them informed even while A.C.E. was there. We are finally hooking up next week. Fortunately we have the generator which we have been able to use to keep our equipment safe.

I’d be happy to be a reference for your team if needed in the future.

Glen J.
South Jersey

Overall Rating : A

Hello I just wanted to say how pleased I was with my service today to my pool wire lighting issue. The gentleman were great, friendly and right on time. The finished job quickly and explained everything to me. I’ve been having issues with the pool company who did work for me. You guys were the only things that went smoothly for me this month. The price was also very reasonable. I am a police officer and I will be recommending you to my guys. Thanks again.
Scott P
Magnolia, NJ

June 2018

Dear Harry,

Recently you helped me out by purchasing the transfer switch for my 7kw Generac generator. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk with me concerning the installation of my generator and possible reasons that the coil in the transfer switch burned up. As you remember, I had already installed the generator and had run into problems during start up.

Once I replaced the faulty transfer switch, the system worked fine without issues. So I believe there was an issue with the transfer switch and that the coil burned up because the mechanism was unable to move freely. It seemed as though the plunger which the coil acts upon was somehow jammed and was unable to move. Therefore it burned up.

Another subject that came up in our conversation was the proximity of the Gen-Set to the incoming gas line/meter. You mentioned that the Gen-Set needed to be a least 8’ away from the meter in length of gas line piping. As I said earlier, I thank you for taking the time to talk to me and I just wanted to let you know that the installation instructions specified that the Gen-Set should be as close to the meter as possible and that it is why I installed it the way I did.

The generator is working perfectly since I replaced the faulty transfer switch and your help was truly appreciated. You didn’t have to take the time from your busy day to talk about the situation, about Generac and about the possible causes for the problems I had encountered, but you did even though you and I had never met. This is a trait that is slipping away in our time. Thanks Harry! You’re a good man.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. It’s nice to know there are some good men out there still. It’s also nice to know that I don’t have to be concerned when it storms and weather conditions put my electric utility in jeopardy. Ha Ha, bring it on!
David Durand
Pitman NJ

Overall Rating : A

Hearing the new generator kick off its first weekly exercise this afternoon reminded me to drop a quick note to you expressing my satisfaction with the recent installation of our 22 kW stand-alone generator.

I appreciate the care taken by Todd and the others in the installation crew to complete the work. Their expertise is obvious. Todd was even able to address an unexpected problem found during the installation in that the main service entrance shutoff for the house needed to be replaced. He did so without affecting the rest of the work in progress thus avoiding a return visit and relieving a hazard that the failure would present to emergency personnel.

Gloucester Township building inspectors all remarked on the clean installation work from end-to-end; all inspections were successful.

Jen has contacted me about setting up a service arrangement in 6 months and we’ve agreed to address that in March 2016.

As I said earlier, I’m glad to have a relationship with Gibson Electrical & General Contractors and will be relying upon you for my future electrical work needs.

Thank you!!

Greg Palmer
Erial NJ

October 2017

Overall Rating: A

Added two circuits to kitchen wiring to isolate refrigerator and microwave on their own circuits.

Did the work for the quoted price quickly and professionally. Could not ask for better.

Lowell H Sicklerville NJ

Sept 2016

Overall Rating: A

The electricians came out to install the main panel in 6 hours and did a professional job!!!

Gibson Electric sent two electricians over today to replace my main panel. The owner of the company called me a day prior, and made last minute provisions to accommodate my request to have the project completed on by September 7. The electricians arrived early to my house, and were very friendly, and knowledgeable about the main panel, and electrical circuitry.

They didn’t take any breaks, and worked safe, swift, and performed above- quality work. I really admire the work they did, and look forward to calling them back for future jobs in the near future.

Troy S Westampton NJ

Sept 2016

Overall Rating: A

Gibson Electric put in a new microwave over my oven.

I was very pleased with them. My neighbor recommended him to me. I had a great experience, they are very reliable, they are known throughout the Medford community and they have a good reputation. The workers who came out were on time and were very friendly. They answered some other questions for me in regards to some of my other questions. I was very happy with the service and I will use them again

Dawn O Medford Lakes NJ

February 2015

Overall Rating: B

I used the services of Gibson Electrical & General Contractors Inc. for ceiling fans. They installed a couple of ceiling fans for us. They were friendly, good, and efficient. They were able to schedule a pretty quick booking. They were on time.

Michael M Stratford NJ

May 2014

Overall Rating: B

Replaced old GFI switch that affected two other outlets. Replaced broken dimmer switch with new switch. The two men were waiting outside of my house 15 minutes before my appointment. They were professional and nice. They knew exactly what was wrong with the three issues I showed them. They began the work immediately and were very thorough. I have not had any problems since they left, and everything was fixed.

Jess P

October 2014