Pole Lighting

Repair, Maintenance & Installation

  • Outdoor Parking Lot Lighting – Installation and Repair
  • Post Lighting
  • Pole Lighting
  • Upgraded to energy efficient systems
  • Track, Fluorescent, and HID
  • High Pressure Sodium (HPS)
  • Ballasts replacement, warranty and repair
  • Caisson Drilling
  • Caisson Repair
  • Light bulbs
  • Fluorescent lamps, HPS light bulbs, Compact Fluorescent (CFL), Mercury Vapor, Induction, LED solid state
  • Energy Efficient LED and Induction
  • Building & Parking Garage
  • Stadium and athletic field
  • Retrofits and energy rebate consulting
  • Emergency
  • Exit and security
  • Battery backup lighting
  • Pedestrian and walkway lighting
  • Neon Lamp and Ballasts recycling
  • Induction Lighting
  • Street Lights

Video of installing a tall pole for the Bristol Fire Department